June 17, 2016


The year is running so fast, I am trying so hard to keep up with it. I feel like I am in a maze 99% of the time.

I miss blogville of old, the days when blogposts weren’t money making posts. Now, everywhere I turn to it’s all about the money, money

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B


I may be wrong though, it’s not a crime to turn a favourite past time into a venture …before I talk the one wey no concern me make I “jump and pass” the topic. One day, I may see the light too.

Anyone ever witnessed Nigerian parents reading bedtime stories to their children; I don’t mean Oyinbo Naija parents oh….I mean born, bred, raised and live in Naija Nigerian parents. Mama Sykik and Papa Sykik didn’t read me any bedtime stories, but to be fair to them, I did get a lot of children story books.

One time like that I walked in on two female colleagues gossiping about me….they nearly entered ground when I greet them “e ku gossiping”……..talking shit about how lepacious and proud Sykik is won’t increase your salary……neither will it add small flesh to my body ( I wish it could though, I need some fat in my “defense” region)

The other day I tried making ila-alasepo (okro mixed with orishirishi) it was an epic fail, the okro refuse to draw oh……hahaha, thank God for Hubby who ate it like that with Jesus joy.

I have started hearing “Sykik, won’t you give Bomboy aburo?”………. this life has no chill pill…… I just smile because I know how long I was in the waiting room for Bomboy…

What is this post about sef…..me I don’t know oh

May 13, 2016


*sneaks in and start sweeping cobwebs away*….hian, Sykik, why nau? Where haff you been?

My sweet potatoes, please don’t vex, you hear……. Just epp me , ehn, epp me by not vexing plenty, you hear.......thanks in anticipation.

I still haven’t added weight in 18 years. I am still last level lepa. I have started seeing small-small grey hair oh….. Abeg, who has formula for adding weight because old age he haff reach finish and I still look and have the stature of a teenager. Before Duru Adolphus Jnr age-mate will come and be toasting somebody…….

All the drama that has been happening in Nigeria is like James Bond film, it can tire somebody sef

In Olamide’s voice*

Every drama was a hit
Back to back!!!
From no light, no petrol, plenty heat,
Wife kill husband, husband kill wife,
Husband attempt suicide, wife say husband no buy diaper,
David Cameron call Nigeria fantastically corrupt,
Buhari say call me any name as long as you return stolen loot,
Government increase pump price of petrol,
Senator Dino Melaye threatens to mobilize "the-father-of-all" protest ……….
Should I go on………..
#Sykik, face your work ti take over
If you still want me to add my aproko story join am come and collect it on my next post

*Shines teeth*........ did I try? Should I release my album single?

*carry broom and continues sweeping*