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November 17, 2008

I had a fab weekend

During the week, Hubby got a call as usual.

The koko (crux) of the matter was that someone was coming into town and as usual, decided to bunk at our place for the weekend.

In an attempt to have the weekend to ourselves, Hubby and I planned to take off on Friday to Jos.

After work on Friday, we dashed home to pack a weekend bag and left for the Holy Ghost service along Abuja/Keffi Road. After the vigil , we left for Jos. The weekend was blissfull.

I really need to find a solution to my unlimited visitors. I pray we don't get any call this week, abeg.

I seriously need advice.

November 13, 2008

How do you explain?

I am a blog freak. I have trailed blogs for a long time. I guess this is my time to come out of my skin.

A sneak into my life.

I have been married for almost three years now, no kids and in my late twenties (thirty is so near, its scary, post for another day). I prefer my own company and that of my hubby than that of others. It's so bad, i can stay alone for several months and not be perturbed about not having contact with anyone aside from the office and church. I am a lone ranger though i am not proud of this.

However, my hubby is a people person, he knows everyone from his family and beyond and this is not funny , its scary. He is this type of person that in Yoruba parlance is known as omo ti gbogbo adugbo to (literally meaning, a child the whole town brought up). Everyone and anybody is always wanting something from him. Left to him he doesn't mind having people around and to be fair to him , he has tried to keep everyone at arm's length.

How do you explain to people that you prefer being on your own with your husband than having visitors, family and others ( i don't know what to call them) coming around for weekends or visits that just don't end. i don't mind having people come to the house for visits but can't they just visit and leave say like say the next day or within two days.

A typical scenario - the past two months i have had my mother-in-law come for three weeks, my hubby's godmother for a weekend, and now she wants to turn it to a every weekend thing.

Why can't we just spend our weekends alone?

Why must people come over don't they think that we need our privacy or need to be alone.

I don't get it.

Is anyone in this dilemma?

Am i just nuts or anti-people?

Comments/advise please.

Thank you.