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March 18, 2013


Nothing to write….so much to say…see my life….

Sister-in-law: Sykik, come here, I want to talk to you
Sykik: Yes ma
SIL: Sykik, God will answer our prayers in Jesus name. I was with my Baba Deji for seven years before I got pregnant for him. I know what I went through, from one holy water to another, from one mountain to another. What are you and your husband doing about this thing? I hope you have both gone to the hospital…shebi you know this our husbands don’t even want to imagine that anything is wrong with them…
Sykik (fidgeting on her toes): Yes ma
SIL: ehn…ehn…sometimes you need to leave all this big name hospitals you are going to , they collect plenty money and nothing to show for it, look for a small by-the-corner-cheap one…… they are also very good oh. 
Sykik: Yes ma…
SIL: Also, get closer to your mother-in-law….you should take leave from your office, all this work, work, travel today, travel tomorrow is not good. Take some weeks off and go and cry to your mother-in-law…tell her “mummy, I am here”….. “What are you doing about this my situation?”
Sykik: Huh…..
SIL: Yes oh…you will tell her, mummy, you must do something oh….you can’t be watching me like this
Sykik: Yes ma….ehhhmmm….my Hubby is calling me…
SIL: ok. Oya, go and come back quick

Abeg, my friends what do you think….that I carried my two “tontinrin” leg back to continue the monologue …mbanu
 See wetin Aunty Flo dey take my eye see..... ehn….Aunty Flo had better start avoiding me because…I will soon place a ransom on her head. Lol…
I can’t get over myself with laughter ….please, make una helep me ask my sister-in-law, when my mother-in-law started possessing pregnancy inducing powers.
-->My darlings, you should have seen the seriousness on her face, no be small thing oh.
P.S.: I know she means well and she wants me to join my mother-in-law in her “operation Sykik must be pregnant praying mission”. 
I am not sad or crying oh…I am only sharing my day-to-day TCC experiences….. just maybe someday,  someone might read this blog , , realise someone also went through this phase and soared above the tides

March 06, 2013


How can a married man say he feels depressed every time after “doing the do” with his madam?
How can Oga and Madam live in the same house and avoid “doing the do”?
For how long can they keep up with this charade?

Ever since we have been married, I am the one that always makes the first move; I would appreciate it if she makes an attempt to make the first move

He falls asleep after the “do” and I wouldn’t mind us cuddling up and whispering sweet nothings after the “do”. He makes doing the “do” feel like he’s performing a task
I have told her at the beginning of this year that I can’t keep up with this depressed feeling, so I would rather “hold body” than have to fall into depression after the “do”. I can’t help the fact that I fall asleep after the “do”…it’s a sedative for me
I don’t know….I don’t know how to make any first move jare….after all I try to respond when he begins to signal….he cant keep up after Act 1, scene 1 jare
The “do” isn’t the only reason for marriage…its been 64 days in 2013 now and so far we haven’t done the “do”. I never die and I am not bothered, after all, it’s not food and I have gone for longer days without the “do” before….

On a serious note, how in the world can a marriage degenerate into a situation where a married man in his late thirties avoids “doing the do” with his madam and she’s not worried…as in, she’s not trying to find out if he’s still getting it up in that department and if he is, where is he “dunking his balls”.
Oga and Madam, both christains have been married for ten years and have three kids….. this is serious wonderment……

Tufiakwa, God please, let this not be my portion in Jesus name…i love doing the "do" and Hubby sure knows how to bring heaven down... :)

March 04, 2013


Prayer Points raised by Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God during the Friday Service of the March Holy Ghost Service tagged “Accelerated Promotion

1.      Praise God that he has brought this day to pass in your life
2.      Father, every force pulling me backward or pressing me down, please,  destroy tonight
3.      Father, every trace of stagnation or retardation in my life clear them off now
4.      Father, move me to a higher level rapidly, accelerate my promotion
5.      Father, draw me closer to yourself speedily
6.      Father, make my promotion permanent
7.      Father, please use me to promote others physically, materially and spiritually