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September 09, 2013


I got “swagga”, even cobblers notice me.
I went jejely to have my shoes repaired, Lagos road has done my heels strong thing * in Banky W’s voice* after “wakaing” the whole Lagos, all these stiletto heels begin to chip
I entered a cobbler’s shop on Lagos Island
Cobbler: Hi, pretty
Sykik: * checks myself in his side mirror* Hi, I want to fix my shoe heels. It’s chipped
Cobbler: That’s no problem, do you mind waiting, say about 5 minutes
Sykik: Ok, are you sure, my Hubby is waiting in the car outside
Cobbler: wow, damsel, you are married, newlywed right?
Sykik: me, …….newlywed ke, am talking 7years nearing 8years, abeg…don’t reduce my years of experience oh
Cobbler: You look so young and beautiful. You look fresh
Sykik: *blushing* thank you, I will tell my Hubby, that means he hasn’t overused me
Cobbler: Pretty, you sure look good
Sykik: Thank you
Cobbler: ehm….
Sykik: I think I will pick my shoes later, bye-bye
I dashed out and still glowing, I entered the car and Hubby is wondering why I am smiling like someone who just won the lottery. I told him my head was swelling from the compliment I received from the cobbler. Hubby started teasing me that with all my “forming” and “tushness”, a whole Sykik was admired and toasted by a shoemaker. …..Lol…..see bad belle…shey na shoemaker abi cobbler.   
Hubby just wants to degrade my admirer…I no gree, mo “priding” gan.


Prayer Points raised by Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God during the Friday Service of the September Holy Ghost Service tagged “God will make you laugh

1.       Praise Him for my time has come
2.       Father, please, turn my captivity today
3.       Father, I will sow in tears, let me reap in joy
4.       Father, if you are paying only one person a special visit tonight, let it be me
5.       Father, please, fulfil all your prophecies concerning me tonight
6.       Father, please, decree my fruitfulness right now
7.       Father, please, fill my mouth with laughter this month
8.       Father, before this month ends, let me sing a new song
9.       Father, in my life tonight, prove your almightiness
10.   Father, please make my neighbours laugh too
11.     Any other request of your own

September 03, 2013


These past few weeks I have been bombarded left, right and centre by family, friends and acquaintance on my TTC. Everyone wants to help and it feels good to be loved.
Everyone seems to think they know the best gynaecologist in town who has the solution. It’s crazy, imagine getting contact details of gynaecologists from 3 persons every other week … …..kilode……I have been invited to several church programmes on fruitfulness. By the way, why is it only women who are asked to come out for prayers when Pastors want to pray for those “seeking the fruit of the womb”…..I believe it is stigmatization.
Anyways I understand everyone’s concern and willingness to help but hello, excuse me,….I cant keep changing gynaecologist like I am changing shoes…..…habatically,
A colleague’s wife is pregnant and I found out he has told everyone except Sykik….like seriously, who in the world does he think I am? A pregnancy eater or party spoiler? I was upset when he started stuttering on why he hasn’t told me……. when his wife gives birth nko? 
Kai, this TTC situation na “endurance trek”.  The truth is as much as I love to have my own children, I don’t begrudge anyone their precious “bundle of joy”,  I don’t weep or become miserable when I hear that someone is pregnant, absolutely no, yea, it may remind me of my frailty but I don’t go about with a long face or mourn like my world has ended, h*ll no, I believe in rejoicing with those who rejoice…after all a child is a gift from God and I know some day, it will be my season of rejoicing.
Papa Sykik’s own is even on a different level even though I am sure that if I look closely, it is the voice of Jacob, hand of Esau scenario……... Hubby and I believe Mama Sykik is the hand of Esau in this drama.
I received this phone call some weeks back
Papa Sykik: Hello, dear, I have been praying about something for a while and I would like to talk to you and your husband about it
Sykik:   what is it?
Papa Sykik: Ehm…God will answer our prayers, I don’t want you worrying, I have asked around from some Doctors and God has led me to handle it this way. There’s a respected gynaecologist I would like you to meet
Sykik: “rolling my eyes”, I have a Gynaecologist and I am good. Thank you
Papa Sykik: Sykik, I have a leading in my spirit, let me handle this
Sykik: “trying hard not to burst out laughing”, okay, talk to Hubby about it