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April 16, 2015


Act 1, Scene 1

Sykik: hello, Dr. E, did you get the picture and mail I sent to you

Dr E: Sykik, congratulations, the double line means you are pregnant

Sykik: ok, thank you

It's been a roll coaster nine months , at first it was scratch that, I couldn't comprehend the singular sentence "congratulations, you are pregnant" , it was an out of body experience because, every symptom I felt was telling me, Auntie Flo was about to pay her monthly visit and as usual was making a dramatic entrance. My understanding of morning sickness was nausea, vomiting , weird food cravings, etc

My reaction to the doctors’ news was unbelievably calm. I didn't scream, cry, jump or anything. I just said thank you doctor, dropped the phone and crawled back into bed........who does that?.......Sykik is definitely a weirdo........this was one news I have waited the past nine years to hear and all I could do was go back to sleep...... Wait a second, before I went back to sleep, I turned to Hubby and told him what the doctor said.

Fast forward to two weeks after, I was hit by the worst constipation ever known to man.