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March 22, 2014


I had a best friend once, which was way back in secondary school. We fell apart because she couldn’t keep a secret and we weren’t speaking for years. We made up in our final year in secondary school but it wasn’t the same again. That incident sealed up anything regarding BFFs for me.

I have learnt to categorize everyone into my “friend zone” nothing special about anyone....... be rest assured that any information I tell any living person isn’t something I will feel bad about if I get to hear about it from someone else....gone are the days of “don’t tell anyone else oh, it’s a secret” secret is for my Hubby and God if I don’t tell him, it stays safe with me.

There are things I have shared on this blog that I might feel shy about, if my cover is blown but they are definitely not “secrets” like that. I prefer spilling my guts here knowing that my identity is hidden in a way. However, there is still a whole lot that is within me I wish I could share.......girlie stuff I wouldn’t mind sharing over a glass of “zobo” and suya... I would love going shopping with another lady who won’t mind the long hours ( did I ever mention Hubby dislikes shopping, he makes shopping feel like a visit to the arctic, he can’t understand why I can’t enter a store and be out in a second)

Thumbs up to those who have BFFs who have stayed true throughout the years......”it’s-not-a-easy-something” to have someone who watches your back, keeps your secret and is ready to fight your battles, a “tell- it-as-it-is–to-your-face” friend, “no holds barred” friend......I mean a real human friend and that is aside your spouse, sister or brother...... do BFFs still exist?

Is there a beginner’s guide to having BFFs?

March 10, 2014


Prayer Points raised by Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God during the Friday Service of the March Holy Ghost Service tagged “Rivers of Living waters”
  1. Praise God
  2. Father, anything that can stand between me and my breakthrough tonight, please remove with your blood
  3. Father, let your healing water flow into my body, soul and spirit tonight
  4. Father, please let your Healing water flow to all who are precious to me, whether here, at home or abroad
  5. Father, let your healing water flow into my finances tonight
  6. Father, please every plant you didn’t plant in my life, home and place of work, flush it out tonight
  7. Father, the time has come, please let my testimonies be complete this month
  8. Personal prayer requests

March 03, 2014

The Day I Cried Blood

I was young about 6 or 7 years old.......I remember vividly because......that day in school started just like any other day. You know those primary schools where you are asked to refer to your teachers as Aunty and Uncle......

During our lunch break, our “Aunty” had some of the pupils in our class move items from one corner of the room to the other....lo and behold of the items fell, and broke. I was standing close to the pupil who dropped the item and in panic, she pointed that I was the one who pushed her....see me see trouble....I was so shocked , my mouth was agape....when, where, how I wondered ........I was as much as a foot away from her and couldn’t have made her fall.....I was so shocked I couldn’t even put up a defence....and my “Aunty” wondering how sharp-mouthed Sykik couldn’t mutter a word of defence assumed the pupil was telling the truth... she asked me to  kneel down and put forward my palm to be caned . She was going to flog me. She raised her hand to deliver the first stroke ...lo and well of tears burst without control......I cried like someone who lost her favourite toy.  Suddenly, the classroom was filled with piercing screams from my “Aunty” and class mates...”Sykik, are you okay? ......My God, where’s the blood coming from? .........Sykik, you are crying blood...........the pandemonium got me more scared and the tears now flowed freely like a river....... how can I be crying blood? young mind couldn’t comprehend it.....blood ke, from where....however, if the blood will make “Aunty” not to whip me again....then more blood oh.....I increased the tempo of the tears and then suddenly just as it started the blood ceased and it was all water.....I increased the tempo again and “odeshi”....... it was all water...the blood has stopped.

It was after the whole drama that my “Aunty” realised that the supposed blood was from a boil on my eyelid (stye)...... I have been a drama queen for such a long time