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February 16, 2016


Valentine celebration was different.…., I am not yet old and grey, teeth never comot for my mouth and I didn’t get any “shokolate”, this must be the work of my enemies. Please someone should write Hubby a memo that Sykik, a-la Mama Bomboy is still waiting for “shokolate” oh, and he shouldn’t worry, shokolate doesn’t enter breast milk.

By the way, when did Naija babes start accepting roses as gift? I don’t mean plastic rose oh, that one is for secondary school love. I mean all those roses that Naija weather doesn’t allow remain fresh and to scent well-well ……. I hope babes are not on a “forming levels”.

I was “face booking” *looking for gist* on my timeline when one love poem caught my attention……my heart froze….it’s a lie……what am I reading…..Jesus wept……my friend is writing love poem to her husband.

Habatically, come and see America wonder oh….this is the same husband that pounded her like yam with punches because she went and disgraced him at owambe where he went with his mistress…….the “two both” of them even wore uniform to the party sef…..this my friend chop beating that day no be small…….Is it that she has forgotten so soon……..did the beating reset her brain to factory settings ni? …. see wetin valentine is causing…these are the “I-must-to-celebrate-valentyme” …… who is she fooling? ........…… anyways, make I drop comment before I am tagged bad belle. 

We women can like to pretend ehn, is too much, kilode…..some people will be envying this couple now not knowing all this facebook love is a charade.

How was your Valentine celebration, my fellow "celebrators" (kai, Sykik has started blowing grammar), did Le Bae or Boo do the needful?