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January 28, 2016


Excuse my manners, happy New Year from Sykik, Hubby and Bomboy. Make una no vex, I have been going “upandon” during the holidays, that’s why I couldn’t blog.

God has started a new work in your life and he will definitely complete it.

Uhn………., I see the spirit of God taking over, Sister Sykik in the building…………..

My prayer for you this year 2016, is that God will take you to heights beyond human imagination, give you peace on all sides, bless the fruits of your hands and your body, cause you to burst out in songs of joy…….

I decree over your life that this year, the works of your hand will take you far and wide, you will fulfil destiny, and God will cause the heavens to open upon you. Lack will be far from your home and your resources will not run dry in Jesus name. Every day of this year will be testimony filled in Jesus name. Amen.

Oya, let someone shout Hallelujah.

Its mind bugging that in this cold winter of “–double digits degrees” some boys are still sagging. Like seriously, who are you sagging for? In this ice block, a-la snow, who has time to be looking at “Tommy Hilfiger boxers”?

Anyways, let me face my work and leave another woman’s son alone #UCHEFACEYOURWORK.

Bomboy is now a “bigz boy” oh. We will soon be doing 1 year baiday. God is faithful.

Special shout out to Duru Adolphus Jnr, he has been keeping tabs on me like kilode. No wonder he keeps falling in and out of love. He’s definitely a passionate “somebody”,

Hollop! Hollop!, I want to give a shoutout to my personal person, my one and only e-sister. You know who you are!!! God bless you real good. We connect on all levels.

This 2016, I will give you plenty gist for sure.

Abeg, is “aproko” a sin?