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December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all shades of the rainbow
To show how colourful
To show how bright and loving
My well wishes are to you and yours
Have a Jolly Christmas

December 01, 2014


Did I mention that I am now an Aunty, yes brother’s wife had a bouncing baby boy some months back and this is the beginning of a new generation in my family. Papa Sykik and Mama Sykik are first time grannies and their excitement can’t be contained. The baby is so cute..... God forgive me, I wish babies don’t grow up... the cuddly, chubby, sweet looking face...they look so innocent, I feel like “sin” beside any baby.

Anytime I buy gifts for anyone I make sure I buy something I love and won’t mind using....I have often times “kolobied” gifts I bought for people because my longer throat won’t let go of the item. I then go buy something else.....Sykik is a nut case. Who does something like that? I plead guilty, some items are simply irresistible.

Who ever made it compulsory that rice (in whatever form, jollof, fried or white rice) and chicken are the official Christmas meal? I am so looking forward to eating firewood jollof rice this Christmas; I think Christmas rice tastes differently.  Can anyone remember visiting Father Christmas, going to amusement park, shopping for Christmas cloth inside Lagos market? Kai, I don old finish oh. Back in the days, we use to go from LTV8, NTA channel7, channel 10, channel5 e.t.c for Father Christmas. Wait for this, I was the cry baby of the house.....Father Christmas scared the shit out of me...I would, scream, scratch, claw and everything because I just didn’t want to be left alone with the Father Christmas...if Mama Sykik say make I no enter the Father Christmas grotto, na wahala be that, because I wanted the gifts without having to see the scary Father was always a battle, but someway somehow....I survived each year and came out with my gifts....hahaaha.... I scare easily till date, forget all this my mouth.  

Christmas was a season of gifts, Papa Sykik and Mama Sykik knows how to give gifts oh, my brothers and I got lots of gifts each year. I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come then, but I don’t know why my parents refuse to give gifts again now that I am older and married...after all I am still their child nau....abi do people outgrow Christmas gift and Christmas cloth ni? Maybe I should sue them, for reneging on their parental duties. Abi, they think have handed over to Hubby ni, I no gree, Hubby is husband, Papa and Mama Sykik are my parents...I will start protesting from today.

Dear Santa,

2014 is gradually wrapping up. It has been an eventful year and I can’t begin to count my blessings.

I have tried to stay cool, kind, calm and good this year. I have played by the rules and even stopped applying the “an eye for an eye” rule. I tried not to allow the “evening go down on my anger” and also had a kind word for my mean colleagues. Above all, I reduced my chocolate intake and now play #teamwater....... it was a tough call, but I remained faithful to the cause. I also shopped less, so I got to save more.

I know I will have the best Christmas this year if you will be kind enough to reward me for being a good girl.  I am all grown up but I still believe you exist; I am not like some people (side eyes to Toinlicious, and Simply mee) who don’t believe you exist.  Kindly prove to them that you do make dreams come true. I know you come in through the chimney (we don’t have chimney in Nigeria sha)...... I will leave the kitchen window open so you can still sneak in and drop my gift.  It won’t be a bad idea if you came calling with a gift bearing “Sykik, darling. You have played fair, you have stayed true and though I saw you act like an asshole some few times, you deserve a memorable Christmas this 2014” :) 

During my days, na Father Christmas we know oh

#Ajepako......Father Christmas
#Ajebutter........Santa Claus