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October 22, 2012


Me: Hello

Mother-in-law: Iyawo mi, omo mi….hope you are not too busy now. Please, I want to talk to you about something
Me: Mummy, I can spare a minute …..
Mother-in-law: Please, there’s this woman, Mama Pamilerin, she waited for 22yrs before God gave her Pamilerin. She’s a prophetess, we pray together and she said she doesn’t mind praying with you once in a while . She’s here with me now, hold on, let her pray for you
Me:  ehm…ehm… yes ma
The next voice I hear is that of Mama Pamilerin. She prays in Yoruba and I respond with the required “Amen”. After the prayer, she goes on to recount her story, how she waited for 22 years before God answered her..bla..bla..bla. All this conversation takes about 20mins of my time. She hands over the phone to my mother-in-law.
Mother-in-law: Iyawo mi, shey you won’t mind using holy water. Shebi you remember I said I and Mama Pamilerin pray together, she will pray on water for you, I will bring it for you or you can send someone to come and collect it. There’s nothing to it oh…the water is holy water, we pray on it and all you need to do is drink it or take your bath with it..God will answer our prayer, he has answered it. I will carry my grandchildren in Jesus name…… at this point I am rolling my eyes….……. the prayer reels on
Let me digress to give a small brief on my mother-in-law……….My mother-in-law is a good, loving and decent woman, sometimes I feel I over-react sef….. my hubby has been able to get her to “mind her business” as per our child bearing issues. She doesn’t ask any questions.
However, time and time again I have to endure this type of phone conversations. She has gone to every mountain, visited every pastor she knows to join her in praying for the “fruit of the womb” for her son.  It is for this reason I don’t visit my in-laws, as the visit never ends without a praying visit from a pastor, prophet or prophetess with holy water, anointing oil or a prescription of one form of prayer and fasting.  Therefore, for my own piece of mind, I use wisdom to decline any visit to their house. Earlier this month, my hubby asked that we visit them, if you see how I take say “no-thank you”, ehn, even me I felt bad.
Back to the phone call……..
Me: Mummy, thank you ma…ehm… oga is calling me…I’ll call you later
Mother-in-law: Wait, wait, I will send Mama Pamilerin’s number to your phone. Please be calling her oh, so she can pray with you. I am sure God will answer our prayers. I will smile; I will carry my son’s children…..she starts again....
Me: Mummy, Amen
Mother-in-law: I will also give Mama Pamilerin your number; she will be calling you to pray with you
Me: Ah….mummy, ehm…ehm…
Mother-in-law: God answers her prayers oh, infact, her ministry is praying for those waiting for the “fruit of the womb”, don’t worry…..….
Me: Thank you ma, but I really have to call you back. Take care.
Phone call ends….. I sigh…..phew…God.  My phone beeps and its a text message…lo and behold….it reads”this is mummy, Mama Pamilerin’s number is 080xxxxxxxx”.
Fast forward to four weeks later, my phone rings
Me: Hello
Voice: It’s me Mama Pamilerin……… you haven’t called me since the last time we spoke

October 17, 2012

75 Days to Go

The year 2012 is gradually coming to an end… I have had “freaking incredible moments”,  "it-could-only-have been-God-moments", reasons to laugh, dance, shout for joy and there have been moments of fear, despair, weakness, trial, temptation, “knee grazing moments”, “heart  pouring moments”, “if-you-don’t–bless-me-I-won't-let–you-go-moments”, “wordless moments” ……………
I don’t want to wait till December before taking stock; I want to start now so I can know how much effort I have to put into making all my pending dreams come to fruition.
I believe in miracles, so I know that God has some mouth opening, jaw dropping, hand raising, mind boggling, azonto dancing, heart melting and halleluyah shouting moments in store for me and you.
Therefore, let us gird our loins, do our part and watch God do his thingy.  Everyday left in this year 2012 will be spectacular……. just believe.

This is wishing that all your best dreams come through
The windows of Heaven will open just for you
Unmerited favour will be your portion
God’s endless mercies will speak on your behalf
Strangers will go out of their way to bless you

Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.  Isaiah 49:16

October 10, 2012



Prayer Points raised by Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God during the October Holy Ghost Service tagged “The Unstoppable Generation

1.      Praise God for the word you have heard tonight
2.      Father give me grace to stop being my own enemy
3.      Father, let your blood speak for me against all satanic host
4.      Father, let your stripes avail for me against all sickness, all diseases, all aches and pains
5.      Father, neutralise all efforts of my adversaries tonight
6.      Father, every obstacle in my way to success, crush tonight
7.      Father, take me to the highest level possible regardless of every form of opposition
8.      Father, make me forever unstoppable
9.      Father, let me begin to enjoy joy unspeakable
10.  Your individual request