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October 29, 2013


I sometimes wonder what category this blog will be classified as...from my random gist, ramblings, aproko, and my faith-laced posts...I wonder what keep you all coming to my “yard”.......

I write and post without any major edits because I am too spontaneous, however, when I read some of my posts, I cringe ......I ask myself wetin concern una with my tears, my “syko” moments, my internal battles, my TTC experience or my opinion about issues............... everyone has a blog and has made it useful and not for mundane posts, yet, Sykik has turned her blog to “ book of lamentations and whining”, “random gist”, “office gossip” and at best “bible classes”.

Blogville is a virtual community and I have felt every hug, kiss and prayers that has been sent my way. I feel so loved, knowing that people who don’t know me care so much........I appreciate and LOVE you all. other matters....the rate at which people are resigning in this my office ehn..... it is making resignation to be “hungrying” me too.....I am so looking forward to the day I will put pen to paper and write my resignation will be such a joyful experience that I am sure HR department will think I am tipsy or my Hubby just got elected president of America......

It’s not like I don’t love my job, I have always wanted to be an investment banker and right after NYSC, that’s what I have been doing for over a decade........somewhere along the line, for the past 6 years, I have been at one’s not just the lack of promotion...the various CBN policies have changed the bank’s focus in more ways than one such that my career has been on a’s like someone just pressed the pause button since like forever.....I have been thinking it’s going to get better but’s no’s time to move on...step into the world and lay foundations for the actualisation of my God given dream..........if I can dream it then I can do it.......however, there’s a teeny weenie part of me that’s scared of stepping out of my comfort zone......will I be able to stay courageous and fight the foxes and lions à la dream killers and will I survive without my monthly pay?, did I hear God correctly? e.t.c

My dream resignation would be Sykik going off on maternity leave and dropping my resignation letter at the end of the maternity period.......oh my God....I can do a zillion back flips to have this dream come true....imagine being paid for three months to take care of my twins and then writing to HR Dept that I ain’t resuming anymore..............I deserve this start a new chapter, a new lease to turn my dreams into reality.

My resignation letter will probably read thus “It is with so much unqualified joy that I tender my much desired resignation”......hehehe....and my song shall be 

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day, a day I will never forget
after working for over ten years, this day my resignation I write
my dreams fulfilled and so much joy fills my soul

See, I have started again...wetin concern una with my dream resignation......... hahahaha.....but one day, very soon just like Mstizzle, I will take the plunge 

PS: shout out to Simplymee, she’s been gone from blogville for some months and it feels like it’s been ages.........I trust you are doing well ma’am.

October 14, 2013


I cracked...........I cried.........I can’t even begin to explain where the tears came I was one minute, blowing hot, confessing and pulling down the strongholds of the devil and “puff”, it was all gone, I felt naked, I felt lonely, I ached so bad, I wondered where God was, what God demands is faith as tiny as a mustard seed, my faith was much more than that, my mustard tree was growing into a big tree, I have been watering it these past years ....... but my physical body was yielding...............Aunty Flo was in the building .......I wanted to give up..... I feel like a student who keeps failing her exams, why do I keep having this monthly expectation, only to have my hope dashed, when I can just stop hoping ......and save myself from re-living this monthly ache.  

Lo and behold,  

My Spirit man: “Sykik, God has declared that none shall be barren in the land, his word says children are a heritage from the Lord and the fruit of the womb is a reward”.....

My Body:         Yes I know, but it is heart wrenching to want something so badly, yet you can’t have it......I certainly do know that if it was within Papa Sykik and Hubby’s control, tey-tey, they would have given it to me without a second thought.

My spirit Man: Sykik, where’s the pity party coming from, shey you want to rent canopy and do crying party ni?...... babe, clean your eyes and look the devil in the face, speak the living word, remember you shut the door on him, do you want him to sneak in again.

My Body:          Ok oh, I “haff” hear I have wiped my eyes; I am sure tired of repeating this class sha....

The storm is over. I refuse to give up on God because he hasn’t given up on me.  

Exodus 23:26 there shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in thy land: the number of thy days I will fulfil.
Psalm 127:3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

PS: shout out to everone of you for always visiting and reading my posts, ........I hope I haven’t  bored you all crazy with my TTC vex, biko, writing is therapeutic for me....I find solace in putting my thoughts into words.

October 09, 2013


It seems like some people know my salary day more than me, the employer?

There are some monthly “Sykik, I just said I should greet you” persons who call me same day of every month, which coincides with my pay day, my people shouldn’t I be worried..... this set of people for every single month of this year has continually called me on my payday to “greet me” ...I am so certain they know my payday because this kain coincidence don pass vision....
I am grateful to God for provision, but my people when does giving becomes the case of “handshake going beyond the elbow”? At what point does giving become dangerous, especially when the receiver is not handicapped, has a means of livelihood, is married but has turned me to “”monthly-monthly diaphrim” this not turning to a case of indulging the person to live beyond their means.........

This my office central Air conditioner (AC) can kill somebody oh

The office  is not just cold but chilled (January to December, 24/7)....people get to work and start draping themselves in winter jacket because management has refused to allow the building temperature to be controlled , we are told the chilly temperature is because of the office systems- PCs, servers e.t.c........but wait for this.....most ogas offices are warm as they have sealed off the AC vents above their they don’t mind us catching pneumonia because of their computer.........God punish devil

I have been away from my "yard” for some weeks now, I have been settling my matter with Papa God. I got mad with the devil..........I was like........ “what the heck”, abeg, which part of my body did the devil create, abi which cell did he donate to Papa God for my creation, that he is playing “police and thief” with me......the devil has nothing on me.......immediately I got this understanding, I went on my knees, thanked Papa God for the revelation and told the devil to pack his fear, doubt, worries and “jangbajantis” from my vicinity. I told the devil to his face, that he’s a big fat looser and shut the door on him. Henceforth, I only have business with God....I choose to believe what God says about me and mine.

Hubby has started reading my blog, so lemme give a shout out to the one and only MAN on planet earth who holds my “mumu button”, the one and only who makes my heart do a zillion flips, the one and only who loves me and all my “baggage”, the one and only who finds me sexy even when I rock “shuku ologede hairstyle”, my one and only crown, I can go on and on but let me just say
 Sweetness, my knight in shining armour,
I love you more than words can ever express,
My heart beats only for you
I love you today and always.

Ps:  please, help me thank Joie oh, she dedicated a whole blog post to me......I am flabbergasted.......hehehehe.......I sabi speak big big English