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February 18, 2013


Body giving monthly signals, heart wishing “if only my dream can become a reality”
Body: I hate this monthly suspense
Spirit: faith and fear don’t mix
Body: *sneering* you better face reality
Spirit: who says my dream can’t be a reality? body…Damn! Damn!! Damn!!!
Body: which one is my own? I am only telling you how I feel…get ready
Spirit: I don’t want Aunty Flo visiting jor….....
Body: issokay
Spirit: but, why are you prepared for her visit?
Body: because she always visit, even when I prayerfully, faithfully, vehemently tell her she’s not welcome
Spirit: that doesn’t mean I should expect her this month abi…..hmmmm
Body: but I know her ….my gut says she’s just some miles away
Spirit: maybe if I ask some pregnant women around me to form a circle of prayer for me,       just maybe she won’t find me this month……If only she can get tired of visiting me
Body: tired of visiting ke, if only I can believe that…
Spirit: I just want her to leave me alone. I am tired of her monthly visits, can’t she give a Sister a break
Body: one day na one day sha, monkey go go market, it no go come back again
Spirit:  yes oh, one day, one day, na so Aunty Flo go miss road for market…that day is definitely in…”azonto” and “etighi” dancing days ahead……
Hian…… abeg, whoever knows Aunty Flo should please helep me tell her that Sykik says “her handshake don pass elbow”……...I no do again….…I no wan see her for my door mouth again………

February 13, 2013

Saint Valentine’s Day

There are those who don’t care for the day
There are those who celebrate the day, like no other
There are those who don’t understand the “razzmatazz” of the day
There are those who don’t know what the day is all about but join the “crowd”
There are those who can’t wait for the day to be over
There are those who wish the day will never end
There are those who will send gifts to themselves just to feel “among”
There are those who will be lost à la broken heart
There are those who will be found à la marriage proposal
There are those who keep a straight face and say “I don’t celebrate valentine” but who in their deepest heart wish there’s someone to share the day with
All I know is that February 14th has come to stay.

I am saying a big thank you to SingleNaijaMum for my wonderful Valentine package. You are the  bestest thing after ice cream and chocolate, you are more sexy than cassava flakes. 
I dedicate this song by  Eldee- Ota mi Ft. LKT  to you 
Chorus of the song…I love, love, love this part

Yoruba                                                                                  English Translation

Ota mi o ni ya f’oko                                                               (My enemies will not commot for road for car)
Akoyoyo ni o kan lese                                                            (Tipper  will break their legs)
Agbe gedu ni o kan lo run                                                   (Timber carrying tuck will break their neck)
Omo lanke ni o wo leyin                                                       (Cart pusher will break their back)
Awa ma rin bai, rin bai, rin bai                                           (They will start to walk like whitlow infected k-legged person)
Awa ma rin bai, rin bai, rin ba                                            (They will start to walk like whitlow infected k-legged person)