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August 21, 2013


Dear Dame Patience Jonathan,
I accord you the respect due to your office. It isn’t an easy feat being the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is an honour and a privilege most women dream about and wouldn’t mind coming true….oh what bliss!!! to wake up every morning knowing that almost everything is at your beck and call…yes, almost everything but not everything…
I know that you know that as the wife of the number one citizen of Nigeria, you have both critics and fanatics …….this is because you are the epitome of femininity in the office of the Presidency.
You have found yourself assessed by print and social media . Your publicists have wondered why, oh why, our Patience is dragged into the politics and all “what-not” of the Nigerian entity. Madam, wonder no further, it’s pretty simple…..
You have showed so much vigour in the Rivers State “politic-drama” than you have about the #ChildNotBride campaign, last time I checked; I haven’t heard your voice joining other mothers to condemn this dastardly act.
Just maybe if you lend your voice to the #ChildNotBride campaign, the likes of Senator Yerima will see reason why a young female child isn’t a wife “material”   
You have showed so much vigour getting women from all works of life through the auspices of Nigerian Council of Women Society to close the streets of Abuja(August 15,2013) ….last time I checked, I haven’t heard your voice joining others to find a solution to the on-going ASUUASUU strike……
Just maybe, if you can concede 50% of the feeding budget of ASO ROCK for the year 2013, to our Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to meet ASUU demands, so our undergraduates can go back to school
You have showed so much emotions berating those who haven't paid you  condolence visits on the demise of your mother, Madam Charity Obah, ….last time I checked, I haven’t heard that you paid condolence visits to the several families who have lost wife (mother), husband (father), children, loved ones and property in the several bomb blasts that have rocked the country since your husband, Mr. President took over the helm of affairs in Nigeria.
Just maybe, if you take the bible injunction to “mourn with those who mourn” by paying a condolence visit to show the nameless and helpless families that in their pain and grief, they are loved selflessly…  
I could go on and on with my endless list, however…just maybe, very soon; your voice will be heard
Yours sincerely,