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April 15, 2013

APRIL 12, 2013

After reading Myne’s post I knew, I had to get this out of my mind and system. I hope my posts aren’t monotonous.
Colleague: Thank you so much. Do have a wonderful weekend
Sykik: Thank you too, wish you same
Colleague: I guess I won’t be wrong to ask about oga and children
Sykik: no, you won’t
Colleague: you have a nice physique, I wish I was slimmer
Sykik: thank you. I am sure your husband loves you the way you are
Colleague: how many kids do you have?
Sykik: kids are not a function of your look, I am sure Oga likes you just the way you are
Colleague: no oh….he likes #lepa babes. He wants me to shed some weight
Sykik: …. (Feeling uncomfortable) it is well 
Colleague: so, I guess you have two kids right
Sykik: huh…..have a wonderful weekend
Colleague: boy and girl right, and you are this slim
Sykik:  yeah…good night
Now, I feel bad that I have deceived her into believing I have two kids. Why can’t people take the cue and mind their business…..can’t you read between the line.
Scene 2:
Colleague: Sykik… can’t add weight oh
Sykik: smiling….I love my #lepa levels abeg
Colleague: wait until you have children, then you will know the truth
Sykik:  abeg, free me….children or no children…I intend to maintain my stature
At first, it was “wait till you get married and someone starts oiling your engine”, now it is “wait till you have children”…
I don’t even know what I am fuming about, no….I know what I am fuming about
1.       After five years at the same level, promotion list is out and I am not on the list, after slaving so bad for this annoying institution… ………Psalm 75:6 – For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. It is God who judges: He brings one down, He exalts another
So maybe, I should just vex for God abi……

2.       I can feel Aunty Flo from a distance…... the witch, it can’t be worse than this. I just feel like crawling into a hole right now.
I have been holding my tears since Friday, maybe I should just let it out, I hate feeling sorry for myself and that’s just what the tears are all about.
Sykik, grow up…………… happens.

#lepa is a Nigerian slang meaning slim

April 09, 2013


Dear Hubby,
It’s been seven years we stood before men and God, we took the vow to always love, cherish and hold each other
It’s been seven eventful years, through it all we have soared above our many battles, conquered our fears and triumphed above challenges
And today, I raise a toast to
A future of indescribable joy, endless love, immeasurable happiness and the peace of God, which passes all understanding
You are my knight in shining armour, the only one that makes my heart go jigi-jigi-pam-pam
You make the world a beautiful place
I love you today, tomorrow and always