September 20, 2011


Why rape? Why descend so low?

Cyberspace has been buzzing with the story of gang rape by five male students of Abia State University, Abia, Nigeria of a female student.

Not only did they carry out this distardly act, they had the effontery to record and brazenly share the clip amongst friends.

I can't fathom nor comprehend this act of wickedness. Its not humane . These five guys have just proven that they are demons in human body. Noone deserves to be raped. Not even "ladies of easy virtue". Sexual relations should be consentual.

I feel her pain,in several ways . I have been down that road .

I join my voice to that of several other persons and say "NO"to rape


  1. **Deep Sigh.. You know yeah Mzz Sykik.. Its sad that for lack of Control yeah.. many men stoop so low.. exiting the level of Humanity and reducing to the level of Animals. I mean its hard being a man.. its hard not getting sexual relief.. But why on earth go as far as Raping a woman?! it is uncalled for on EVERY Freaking level, and then its just plain Stupid.

    There are levels to maturity, life and wisdom.. and without mincing words ba.. any man who rapes a woman or woman who rapes a man should no longer be classified as Human. **Drops pen and walks away in disgust :( But wait oh! Woman raping a man is groove to many of us oh! hehehehe iKid.. **Runs away

    How are you Bubba?! How every every?! **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile.. Oshey #TeamTimeTravel :)


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