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December 01, 2011

My Dream

Had a dream, saw this dirty looking, nose dripping girl being held by someone clinging to me for dear life. She kept crying, looked pathetic wanting to stay with me but I kept pushing her away, like saying " Go away" "you disgust me". Whoever was holding the child stared at me with pity in the eyes. The eyes held so much meaning I felt ashamed but I didn't want filth, I didn't want a weeping clingy child.

I had this dream on Tuesday and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I don't normally remember my dreams but this particular dream I can recollect vividly. It's been replaying in my subconscious . What does it mean? Could God be trying to tell me something.

Could that be God giving me a child and I was rejecting? God forbid.


  1. One thing i had learnt about dreams is that ONLY you can interpret them...but i can give you some guide lines if you wish or have you interpreted it already?

  2. @ Ibhade....... pls, pleeeaaasssseee help with the guide oh. This thing bugged me for so long. I had to pray to lift the burden of heaviness it created upon my heart

  3. First, children represent a new beginning.

    Secondly,dirty looking, signifies 'uncleanliness' but at times it can be opposite meaning,just like seeing a dark person in the dream, might represent a fair person, and vice versa.

    Thirdly, she clinging to you for her dear life, shows desperation! meaning she wants to be with YOU!

    The person holding the child, looked at you with so much giving you something that is precious but you refused it

    Overall interpretation:

    The child in question is your child to be!she must have been rescued from where she was kept captive without care. Hence, the dirty 'look'.She was weeping and clinging to you for dear life, because she knows you are her mother.
    But because of the way she looked, you turned her away... and you were ashamed{your spirit-man was not happy} It was an Angel that brought the child to you, after she was rescued from her captivity.

    For you to remember vividly and be in your subconscious for days, is to show the Revelation was from GOD.

    Hope it helped?:D

    Take care.

    1. Ibhade, thank you so much for your refreshing insight to this dream. I thought i was rejecting a child.

      My family is so ready for a child.Infact na twins i want. I am so sure am getting it. God never fails

  4. Amen to your prayer.

    Pray GOD would have mercy and bless you with your heart desire.

  5. I know say Bomboy don come but My own interpretation is that you knew what you wanted in the spirit realm, a non weeping, non clinging child, and you rejected anything that was less than that. Spiritually, there may have been attempts to give you a baby that would have repulsed you but you firmly rejected it because your spirit man innately knew what you wanted and what God has in store for you.
    Believe me, you would not have been happy to have collected that child.
    Filth is a good indicator that it wasn't from God.
    The person giving you such a child may not also be an angel and that look may have been one of " see this one that is looking for child, we are giving her a weeping one and she is rejecting it, I pity you " kinda look.
    As a poster said, you are the best interpreter of your dream. One thing my G.O wrote in his book on dreams was to focus on the emotions you felt as soon as you woke. Fear, disgust, happiness, relief etc tells you what kind of dream it is. They are almost often a good clue even if u don't remember the dream.
    I intend to write a post on dreams pretty soon by God's grace.


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