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February 15, 2012

Val's day

I got a gift I never expected from Hubby for Val’s day yesterday. I was left dumbfounded…….. shocked is a better word to describe my expression for like 20 minutes. It felt so nice to be surprised by him. We ended the day with *wink*. It was just like the first time… gentle….blissfull…….I saw heaven. thinking about it makes me wet….....kai….. I need a repeat performance.

Thank God for the gift of Jesus, the greatest love gift of all times

Won’t it be nice if God gave me the best Val gift of all *twin boys*


  1. OOOoossssshhheeeeyy! **Winks... **Runsaway... Just so you know Mzz Sykik.. I read EVERY LINE of this post oh! **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile...

    1. Oh my days, did I write this post, I must have been drunk when I clicked don spoil finish oh.

    2. **Rubs Palms togeRRa.. and **Wears Evil smile.. Na you sabi oh!! We are sha waiting for the 2016 Valentines day Special Story.. I am sure this years version is gonna come and goan be LIT for days! :)


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