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October 07, 2012


Oh my God....have we as Nigerians gotten used to the maiming and killing all around us that we see nothing wrong in standing by and watching a group of persons maim and kill. Imagine someone also filmed the brutal killing of the University of Port Harcourt students. Why didn't anyone stop them? Why wasn't there a single voice of reasoning among the crowd that joined the "show" ?

I came across the story of the brutal killing of the four University of Port Harcourt students on Linda Ikeji blog  - Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka. The students were killed by the indigenes of Aluu community in Port Harcourt. The video is not only gruesome, it is unbelievable that people gathered round to watch and nobody tried stopping the killers. It is disheartening , I couldn't bring myself to finish watching the about 2 minutes video clip because it was barbaric. I couldn't help crying, I thought my heart was going to explode.

Why this jungle justice? Even if they had killed someone, they should have been handed over to the law enforcement agencies. All I have so far read is the stories of them stealing phones or being cultist, that's if the stories peddling around social media circles is true. I don't care what the true story is, no one deserves to die the way they were killed. They were young, full of life and most importantly have friends, family, loved ones who care and adore them.

This country has shed so much innocent blood it makes me sick. I feel the blood of the innocent is obviously crying out for vengeance, that's why Nigeria is in so much darkness, backwardness and languishing in untold hardship.

And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. Gen 4:10

How come all the corrupt leaders, chieftains and elder statesmen who have stolen and are still stealing our collective wealth have never been meted with jungle justice. Why are the masses turning on one another?

I join other Nigerians to demand that Rivers State Government of Nigeria brings the perpetrators of this dastardly jungle justice to book. 

We can't continue like this. 

Ps....the video ...viewers discretion is advised, not for the faint hearted.


  1. This is sooooo sad! I haven't watched the video and don't think I'll do. why no one stopped them is beyond me? Not even one voice of caution?! I honestly cannot think what their parents, families and friends must be going through right now esp the horrors of watching the way they were killed.

    May their sould rest in peace.

    1. Only God can console the parents of these can you murder people and burn the bodies....where they thinking they can burn their spirits ni......

  2. The video was so horrifying that Youtube had to delete it within the day it was uploaded.

    I'm still sick to my stomach each time I remember the incident...I will be pissed if the culprits are not dealt with...the Rivers state govt. has no excuse not to apprehend them - the pictures are on the net!

  3. I pray they catch the perpetrators of this act so it can teach others a lesson. people need to learn to stop taking the laws into their hands. kilode.

    May God heal our land, comfort the families of the bereaved. Amen

  4. Sad stuff. Amen o, may God heal our land and comfort d bereaved

  5. Thanks for stopping by.

    It really is heart breaking knowing it could have been averted. It was a senseless killing. God help us

  6. Hello Sykik
    I can completely understanding the filming of something awful without doing something to stop it - in India we had a case of some ruffians trying to rape a girl and the entire thing has been filmed! As you say the bloodshed of innocents will only plunge a country in darkness. Hope they get justice soon from the law enforcement athourities.

    1. I guess brutality knows no tribe, nation or gender. We pray justice is served . Government has taken an interest in the case. Hopefully everyone involved in this act will be prosecuted and if found guilty , given the right punishment.

      Thank you for dropping a line. God bless


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