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June 19, 2015


There was a time when the thought of getting married and becoming pregnant was scary. I just couldn’t process the thought. I was young, naive and a husband and baby weren’t in the picture. I had the world to conquer. Strangely though, I got married in my mid-twenties and I still can’t fathom when the mind shift happened. I found love, got married but couldn’t bring myself to face the “after-marriage-comes-babies” sequence. I told Hubby I didn’t want to get pregnant and we agreed we won’t start trying for a baby until some months into the marriage. I felt I couldn’t take care of a child, I was scared. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, I adore them and find those chubby cheeks irresistible. I just didn’t want to have them in my space breaks, no weekends. I wasn’t ready to be a parent.

I think I got pregnant after the first month of marriage because Aunty Flo didn’t visit when she was due, after 2 weeks, I was scared silly and asked a doctor friend to prescribe pills to make Aunty Flo visit. I took the pill and as sure as dawn, Aunty Flo came was a close shave.
About a year later, we started trying to conceive consciously. Like play, like play, it seemed Aunty Flo had given herself a monthly residence in our abode...the more we tried to keep her out, the more determined she was to continue her monthly visit. Then, the tests started, the prayers ,the ARTs, the medication and then more prayers laced with fasting. I lost my faith and found it several times during my TTC journey. I cried, I ached and I thought I would die but God kept me. I lost count of how many times I lashed out at God and my Hubby, there was no pretence with them, while I seemed calm to the outside world.

I found peace along the line, I knew it wasn’t was a grace beyond my frailty. I remember once, a friend said, “Sykik, you don’t behave like someone who’s looking for a child”. Many women saw me and asked how I can be so calm and composed........I smiled and always said “when you want something so badly that you have done everything within your physical might and realise it’s beyond your power, you just can’t help but say I don’t give up, but I am sure going to live my life”. I used my blog as an outlet to pour out my heart wrenching emotions, my blog helped keep my sanity.

There was also the several, “Sykik, I know a doctor” or “Sykik, my pastor said”, or “Sykik, my church is having a programme”. I felt trapped with the unsolicited phone numbers, prayers and advice. Then there were times during church service when the pastor will ask women who are waiting for the fruit of the womb to step out........what about the men?  I was an “aluta” TTC mama...I didn’t want to be cloaked into the regular TTC woman. I wanted to pray without being compelled to pray, I wanted to talk to people without being drowned with advices about the best sex position to keep the sperm inside the vayjayjay...,.....kai, ........the list is endless.............

Luke 1
47And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior. 48"For He has had regard for the humble state of His bondslave; For behold, from this time on all generations will count me blessed. 49"For the Mighty One has done great things for me; And holy is His name.…

What is this post about sef......... it’s to announce that Sykik is now "mama bornboy". Baby’s birth was some months ago.


  1. We continue to rejoice with you Sis Sykik....God has heard you and your fruit is evidence that our God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.

    Thank you Lord for remembering Sykik and blessing her with this wonderful testimony. We will continue to praise you for the marvelous experiences you abundantly bless us with.

    1. Thank you ma'am. Thank you for the encouragement thus far. God bless you and yours

    2. Highly Favoured took the words right out of my mouth! To God be all the glory...

      I rejoice with you Sykik, i literally burst into tears of joy at the end of this post....

      My Love to the lil one

  2. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations Congratulations. Wow! I followed your journey for some time and prayed after one blog post like that. I just got angry and asked Aunty flo to stop intruding and rather visit where her presence is needed. God never fails. I'm so happy Sykik.

  3. Reading this post fills my heart with so much joy!!!
    I rejoice with you, I praise our awesome awesome GOD with you!
    Thank you for sharing this testimony! Thank God for making you Mama Bornboy.. To Him alone be ALL the glory.
    Congratulations Sykik... Words are not enough to say how glad I am to read this :-) xxxxxxx

  4. Congrats again dear! God makes all thing beautiful in His time. Am really happy for you. Hugs**

    GOD be praised! #dancing in urohobo style#
    Did I not tell you ehn? :D
    Prayer delayed, is never denied!
    I rejoice with you and your household, ooo.
    How is our Bomboy of blogsville huh? I hope he is taking it easy on you?
    Oya, yarn me all the details ... as in main course and not all these small small chops you have been serving me! .. I am seriously hungry for gist, since you have not give us office tatafo for a while... AHAHAHA.
    So happy for you sistah. E- squeezing HUG.

  6. First time commenting here tho i've been reading ur blog for a while. I'm sooo happy for u, its like my e-aunt just gave birth. Congrats, may God keep him

  7. Wow. So you are saying you already have a child? I am so happy for you. This is a testament to God's faithfulness. Praise God o.

    If I may be bold to ask, please, how long did you wait?

    I never thought I'd be one of them

  8. ... You know ehn mzz Sykik... Words fail me to comment... I mean aswear words fail me to comment... Yyyeeeesss.. Yyyeeeeeessss.. This blog will stand forever as a strength to souls.. This blog will be a source of hope to many.. This blog will be a reason for many to live and not give up... Yess... Yeesss... Thank you GOD.. Thank you GOD for you have shown that you are king.. Thank you GOD for you have WON... Thank you GOD for you have strengthened Faiths.. Thank you GOD for she believed and she received.. Nothing else matters right now.. Thank you GOD. Mehn.. I am smiling and tearing up a bit... Thank you GOD...

    Ooooossshhhheeeey Turn uP! Congratulations Mzz Sykik and our Oga Boss... Congratulations to the Family.. :) Welcome to the world young Man.. You have the coolest Folks there is... Thank You GOD..

    1. Egbon.. Biko where the Turn uP at oh?! Me i want to chop party rice eh! Ayav kuku talk my own... :)

    2. Aha nah! Egbon... WaRRapIn?! I must talk this week oh! Where are you nah! Kai! I miss you faaaaa... :)

  9. Oh wow! i'm so excited to read this post. God is good. He is awesome. Congratulations and God bless the little man.

  10. Big Bear cuddly hugs to you. Congratulations. I like this news. I am indeed happy for you. More testimonies shall follow, sound of rejoicing will never cease from your home. God bless you and yours.

  11. Praise be to God, last year when i stumbled on your blog, i could almost feel the pain on your heart, an so happy for you maam, God indeed knows how he does his things.

  12. Praise be to God, last year when i stumbled on your blog, i could almost feel the pain on your heart, an so happy for you maam, God indeed knows how he does his things.

  13. Blessings and congratulations. ....
    May he know joy always and his countenance be one of enduring faith.


  14. Hello Sykik,

    Beautiful news!

    Congratulations! Indeed, the Lord makes all things beautiful in his own time.

    God bless your family.

  15. Better late than never 😊 . Congratulations, Sykik! May the Lord bless him and make him a source of blessing to your home. I'm so happy for you.

  16. I am soooo glad to read this, soooo glad!
    Congratulations ma'am! Congratulationsss!

  17. God is so faithful!!!!!

  18. omg!!!! Sykik! aint God great?! woooaawww. am singing and praising God at the same time on your behalf. I am soo happy for you my dear... God has indeed done you well, and yes indeed you are a blessed mum!
    thanks for checking up on me always~ very grateful. cheers and 1000 kisses to you and the lovely baby.

  19. Blessings....
    Just popped in to see how you doing and to wish you a fantastic week.

    stay blessed ]

  20. I am too happy for you boo..
    I pray and declare for more baby brothers and sisters. Your testimony is yet to overflow.

    So happy for you and trust me to say God will bless bomboy to be great and your household too.

    Thank you for always checking up on me. xxx

    P.S. You have to make time to finish all the gist.x

  21. What Manner of man is Jesus Halleluyah!!!! Congrats!!

  22. Ara e ba mi yo! God is great! Many more children in Jesus name! No stopping now baby! Lol

  23. Shoot! I just read this.. CONGRATULATIONS Ma'am!!!

  24. I looooooove to hear testimonies.
    Congratulations. Celebration shall not cease in your house in Jesus name. amen

  25. I just read this post and babes, I'm so giddy with joy right now....Its always amazing to hear that God never changes...Congrats mama, He shall be for signs and wonders

  26. I never got around to replying every single comment on this post.

    This is me saying thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have felt very single emotion during my TTC journey but the greatest has been the love from my blogville family. You are all amaze balls held my hands and kept my head high when all I wanted to do was creep, hide and cry in corners. You told me to keep holding on, to keep believing.

    I love you all

    Hugs and kisses

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