January 20, 2009


My life must be boring not to have had any comment on my blog so far.
Anyways, all is good.

I look forward to a wonderful year and can't wait to testify of God's goodness upon my life in 2009.

This year i definitely shall intensify my effort to becoming preggers (lol). Infact my in-laws and parents are pleading that we have a baby so that they can have a grandchild. I guess this is a clarion call to Daddy God to please crown our efforts with success. Normal naija style, two years and nine months into the marriage and everyone expects that there should be a child by now, (even if it is not in your radar) , i no longer bother explaining to people our reasons for waiting. I just turn a deaf ear to anyone asking questions wey no concern them, infact some go ahead to give unsolicited advice.

We are ready for our first set of twin boys , this is from my mouth to God's ears.

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