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February 23, 2009

Once Upon a Long Time

Once upon a time, I was so scared, I thought I had failed in my marriage. I looked at myself in the mirror and just didn't fit my image of a good wife.

My hubby was a pillar. He told me to discard my fears, that I was the best, infact I was the bested (lol)and above all God loves me just the way I am. He opened my eyes to all the love around me and assured me of his and God's unending love. I smiled,wiped my tears and sang from my soul - Bill & Gloria Gaither's "Because He Lives".

I look back to that week and just can't remember where or how the fear crept in. I must have shifted my focus from God.

A big thank you to my prince charming, my knight in shining armour, the one and only who makes my heart go jigi jigi pam pam (lol).

I'll always love you till eternity.


  1. heheheh Oshey! love Nwantintin on the WHeels of Steel yo!!! Eeezz not a joking things sma sam! as nor be small Jigi jigi Bam bam eh! **Drops on Knees.. god of Cupid.. Please.. Biko.. I beg ye eh!! send us our own Jigi Jigi Bam Bam Music Producer oh!

    hehehe You are Enough Sykik.. MORE THAN ENOUGH SEVV... and reading back just makes me smile.. cause your Blog is definitely gonna be a source abi (a "SOURCES" sev) of Hope to Many.

    P.S: You should compile it into a book and give out for free pr something sevv.. Blessings Bubba!


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