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December 28, 2009

It's being a long while

Hapy holidays everyone. A lot has happened this year but i know for sure i am shouting the loudest halleluyah by 31st December 2009.

Keeping my fingers crossed bcos God is always on time, he's never ever late.

Take care

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  1. Okay!! Soo Mzz Sykik.. Since yaaf refused to show us love eh.. We have decided to come and goan show you the loff in fuill force **Wears Cheeky smile.. Wait oh Sykik! into 2009.. you put up only 4 posts! aha! in a whole year! Kai!! If to say we have met that time ehhnn.. I would have really been on your case bumper to bumper eh! **Wears Playful smile.

    Blessings.. xx


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