March 06, 2012

I dare to Hope

Faith as tiny as a mustard seed

That’s all I need to move mountains

God, here’s my faith

Let it move mountains

I dare to HOPE

One day at a time

That’s how the months roll by

Let me manifest your awesomeness

At the Master’s feet, in total surrender

That you alone art the MIRACLE worker

Make me a mother and my husband a father of children


  1. A resounding AMEN!

    In HIM we have all our hopes restored and wishes granted.

  2. Hiya Sykik.. How are you Bubba?! You know what yeah?! I hacSHually came over to wish you a Happy Mothers day ba.. But since there was no post yesterday ehnn.. I decided to come and goan Travel Back in time to a post put up on the Exact day as Brits Mothers day (i.e 6th of March).. So.. Here goes...

    Happy MOTHERS Day Sykik.. We love you Bubba.. Yesterday, Today and Even tomorrow and join sev.. :) xx GOD Bless you Sykik... for writing a Journal of Hope for many to be rooted on.. xx permit me to quote the most impoRRant Hashtag ever.. #ItcanonlybeGOD


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