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March 30, 2012

A Peep into My Heart

What shall I offer unto you?
You own all
The earth is yours and the fullness thereof
Lord, mould me
Fill my mouth with laughter and my heart with praise
Cos your mercies are ever new, they are like rays of light
Shining brighter and brighter

God is faithful
Ever sure and true
God is loving
Tenderly healing hearts
God is merciful
Fighting battles
God is God
Bigger than imagination

I need you more than anything
I need you to strengthen my faith
My hope like rays light flutters
I need you God, I need you

I wrote these words when I was low. I trusted God yet was so scared.  This is me being bare to my Maker .  
Isaac (Laughter), Judah (Praise)


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  2. Amen! join you in faith. :D

    @Mosco, you post the same comment in all blogs, advertisement stunt? :(

  3. Yay!!! Sykik, I love your blog but not a blooger and can finally comment!

  4. I have to say a mighty thank you to @ simply mee who brought my blog to light.#clapping#

    To everyone who has left a comment or read my posts , I am grateful as well.


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