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October 12, 2014


I got tagged by Toinlicious and I have to confess it took me days to come up with this....hehehe....I have been on holiday and just got back. I went to chop the life of my head….. I am trying to activate my Naija survival mode.  

20 things about me

1.       I can be extremely quiet at times. There are people who haven’t seen the “alariwo”/”onijogbon” Sykik and won’t believe I can be loud and stubborn
2.       I love holidays. I won’t mind been on vacation all year round
3.       I love hotels and won’t mind living in one every day. It would be my absolute pleasure to have someone make my bed and clean the bathrooms every day. I mean 5 star hotels oh...not “Iya Sikira” guesthouse
4.       I don’t love sharing my personal effects. This must be because I grew up as the only female child
5.       I love reality shows. I would rather watch people sit and talk than watch fiction. I guess that’s why I love stage plays
6.       I am a Big Brother Africa addict
7.       I would rather read than watch a movie. Too much shooting and blood puts me off, also why watch someone’s fantasy when reality shows give me the real deal
8.       I don’t like the sight of blood
9.    I have a phobia for needles. I can’t take an injection without help; I have to be tightly held to be given an injection. I can’t imagine what I would do if I have to take a sick person to the hospital
10.   I have always had this bizarre feeling to drive over a kerb or run into a roundabout whenever I am driving......evil spirit things abi…....I bind every spirit of accident hovering around me
11.   I don’t do make-up, wish I could sha. I won’t mind learning, ask me what’s stopping me from learning
12.   I love shopping. It’s therapeutic, my Hubby says I can shop on my way to heaven
13.   I hate being broke. I get cranky and start hyper ventilating. You would think rapture took place and I was left behind
14.   I can worry for the’s scary.  however, I have a calm disposition so most people can’t tell
15.   I love chocolates. Anything that has chocolate in it has my name tucked into it somewhere
16.   I can’t sing to save my life but I love good music. I have a ear for good music, I love to hear good lyrics from sonorous voices
17.   I have always dreamt of being a kept woman....very weird fantasy abi....I need to submit myself for MFM deliverance
18.   I am scared of the dark but can’t sleep with the lights on. Back in the days, Mama Sykik maintained a light off policy from 8pm
19.   I am scared of heights. I can’t look down from any height. Maybe because I am feather weight, I feel the wind might blow my lepa body all the way to the ground floor
20.   I am a sucker for love. I love sheepishly and hopelessly. My love is blind, deaf and dumb, possibly crippled sef...and I hurt same way
21.   I LOVE MY HUBBY BEYOND WHAT WORDS CAN DESCRIBE. I never imagined I could love anyone aside my family like this but I found love and so far so good, it’s being blissful

Feel free to tag yourselves. Thanks for reading.

I will be on and off like NEPA abi na PHCN for a while, please bear with me. My world is undergoing some major transformation and it’s taking all my will power to do blog rounds much more write a post. Don’t worry, I will still be visiting your blogs and leave comments if I can but may not be able to update my blog as often as I wish.

Love you lots.


  1. What is the meaning of kept woman o? Please explain. I think I can picture you in real life. You are a quite woman who takes life easy jare. You don't have wahala. It is only you that thinks you are stubborn. Shebi I am right?

    1. hahaha, I am stubborn oh. Maybe I should ask hubby or Mama Sykik to do a post describing me someday.

  2. Lol at Atilola's comment.. Hmm, I think you must one of those reserved people who have a million things going through their minds while smiling and nodding outwardly lol..

    No 10, Amen oh! Ehn which kain evil spirit?!
    Nice getting to know you more!! xx

    1. I am flattered, Sykik and reserved shouldn't be used in the same conversation oh. I am a chameleon ni jare....

      that number 10 scares the shit out of me. I tend to avoid driving because of this and na so sos roundabout full this lekki axis

  3. + 1 on the year round holiday and being a kept woman looool I'm not even ashamed.

    I enjoyed this. Take all the time you need for adjustment dearie

    1. yaaayyyyy for the all year round holiday. I wasn't created to stress at all how spoilt I would have been if I was ajebutter

  4. heheheheheh Mzz Sykik, I dont think i have ever come here and not smiled.. heheheh @ Number 10 Amen oh... I join you in the binding and casting... We shall not dent your abi na Our Range Rover evogue oh...Bia with all due respect ehn, whet did you buy and come from the vacay nah?You sound like such a fun lady bubba, and i often see you and Toin as Twins.. hehehe Nice to meet you Madame :)

    P.S: I beg you, Please.. I beg you in the name of MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and Visafone, plus Zenith Bank, please and Stanbic IBTC bank too.. Please dont go offline. I mean its always fun to read your funny stories and posts. **Crying in French.. But oh well, if you going MIA is for the best, then You have my blessings my Daughter.. (heheheh I can Imagine the look on your face now :) ) **Runs Away... :)

    1. bring your bum-bum here for some spanking .....see this pikin of yesterday

      I will endeavour to make sure my absence is not so obvious.

      thanks dearie

    2. hahahahahahahahahah@ I hate being broke. I get cranky and start hyper ventilating. You would think rapture took place and I was left behind" The feeling is mutual.. When my small salary finishes ehnn.. I always feel and look like a heart broken 15 year oild that has Malaria. :(

  5. HA! See this woman EHN! I just updated my blog to do my own random facts and came over to see you did same! #telepathic tinz#..ehehhe

    Love hotels? I go take body gum you like chew-gum, because, me too, I like that kain of pampering o!

    I don't like height either! I fear EHN!

    I see you as quite person. Pray make I no enter your trouble o!

    Phobia for needles? Then how do you sew buttons on? *side-eye*


    I enjoyed reading YOU! Funny enough, mine are opposite of yours! You don't believe me? Go and check it out.

    On and off like NEPA? No shaking, as long as you mark 'present' for my blog, you hear? #pulls an ear# :D

    1. lmao....Mama Sykik will have a fit if she ever hears the words "kept woman" , her mind go just decode "ashewo"

      You also think say I day we go meet

    2. Hello sistah, I welcome you to the sistah-bloggers-club. E-hug

  6. Nice learning more about you Sykik. You are too funny. Should we be celebrating about this 'transformation' that is taking place in your world??!! All the best. Please don't stay away too long...I always look forward to reading your posts.

  7. Lmao@ you have to be held down to take a shot hehehe sykik you are a baby o and I totally get you on the reading versus watching a movie the book is just always better let be honest, and what stopped you from learning makeup (actually it might be a good thing I realize I spend more time in the morning drawing this eyebrows and making them identical twins than anything else but I don't have a choice I can't go to work with fraternal eyebrows hehe) and who doesn't want to be a kept woman I don't mind also except I want to be able to pick my kept periods cuz I still love working I just can't sit in the house without a purpose, and as for for vacations sigh I am already picturing myself in Jamaica with my imaginative boo Usain bolts anyhow I enjoyed reading about you have a fabulous day :-)

    1. I am a real baby oh. the sight of needles makes my BP shoot up.....I just start confessing sins committed.......nothing has stopped me from learning make-up oh but just imagine spending time to draw eyebrows in the morning each day.....I no get that kain patience..what's wrong in having fraternal eyebrows...hehehe....don't mind me oh

  8. I can imagine the injection bit Sykik...I have to run around a while and later submit to being held tight before I can take an injection.

  9. Blessings.....
    good to know.
    i think all of us in one way or the other is a sucker for LOVE.
    I have an award for you back at my place.
    Please stop by and pick up,
    have a blessed day.


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