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January 04, 2012

GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest


Dear President Jonathan,

Happy new year. Why now? What have we done to deserve this at the beginning of the New Year? Not everyone is fed, clothed and indulged with government funds. Some of us work our ass off to feed and make ends meet.

Have you ever imagined living off N120 per day. That's what some live on daily at Isolo. In fact to be precise at Goloba Street in Isolo. I know a couple, the husband is a motorcycle (okada) rider while the wife hawks wares. The husband gives a daily allowance of N120 per day to be used by the wife to feed herself and three kids. Yeah , you read right........ herself and three kids. They can't afford to cook cos the money can't cook nothing. The wife resorts to buying meals; morning, afternoon and night. That's N30 per meal.

GEJ, can you imagine the effect on this family due to increase in gas price. How many grains of rice will N120 buy for her and her children, or how many morsels of garri, not to ask will they ever eat meat or fish again. Haba, Mr President, you once had no shoes, so you told us oh, now you want to take food from the mouths of Nigerians, is it not enough that you have taken the smiles away with your inability to curb Boko Haram.

I think you can start by practicing what you preach. Cut off the excesses.

Ki lode.....................................

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