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January 09, 2012


Pastor Adeboye raised the following prayer points at the January Holy Ghost Service.

  1. Praise the Almighty God for all he has done.
  2. Father, I offer myself as a living sacrifice on your altar. Please don't reject me.
  3. Father, every altar of satan that you have helped me to destroy, don't let them ever rise again.
  4. Father, January is the first month of the year, this month give me miracles that are first of its kind.
  5. Father, Februaray is the second month of the year, double my blessings in February.
  6. Father, March is the third month of the year, three is the number of Trinity, in the month of March, show your mightiness.
  7. Father, April is the fourth month of the year, in April, send help to me from the four corners of the earth.
  8. Father, May is the fifth month of the year, five is the number of Grace, show me divine favour in the month of May.
  9. Father, June is the sixth month of the year, in June, let me have unexpected breakthrough.
  10. Father, July is the seventh month of the year, seven is the number of Perfection, perfect all that concerns me.
  11. Father, August is the eight month of the year, eight is the number of new begining, give me the beginning of new things
  12. Father, September is the ninth month of the year, be the All Suffuciency in my life.
  13. Father, October is the tenth month of the year, let me have a taste of your amazing grace
  14. Father, November is the eleventh month of the year, eleven stands for more than enough, do much more than i can imagine or ask.
  15. In December, crown all my effort with glorious success.
  16. Let me serve you much more than ever before this year

All in all, i was blessed beyond measure. It was a soul lifting service, i love the fact that i was able to usher in the Year 2012 with such prayers . I know my 2012 is settled.

Hope to post this prayer points on my blog every month i attend the service, and hopefully someone is reading and would pray along.

Prayer works. Stay blessed

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