January 30, 2012

Growing Apart

This post got me thinking http://www.mynewhitmanwrites.com/2012/01/what-causes-couples-to-grow-apart.html#more

I read somewhere about the five year or is it seven-year itch in marriages. I think it’s real cos I think most times these past three months, we are m0re easily irritated with each other than lovey- dovey. (My thoughts though, hubby doesn't think so ) In about three months, it will be six years we exchanged marital vows

I,hubby take you wifey
to be my wedded wife,
to have and to hold from this day forward,
for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,
in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish,
'til death do us part,
according to God's holy ordinance;

Or could it be the strain of not having any child yet………………

We have to fan the embers of love. One thing I do know is that our love is so strong. I guess the move back to Lagos , change of apartments, setting up space and adjusting to new jobs are a list of so many things we are dealing with individually in our own way.

Can’t wait for this phase to be over. I love my hubby beyond words.


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