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April 02, 2012


I guess most of my rant is about me and my TTC period.
I noticed that pregnancy is like a virus? A woman catches it in the office and every other married woman around her follows instantly. 
In my office, I am on a floor where 98% of the members of a particular unit are females and all of them get preggers at the same time. This has been happening for the past 4years oh. No kidding. I have watched people get married in that unit and get pregnant like it is going out of fashion. That’s why they had to begin to introduce men into the unit small small oh.  Infact, we joking threaten them that they should have a roaster.
Also, in my own small corner, thats the same story oh. Everyone is on baby number two.  And they all got married after me oh. Infact, one lady just got preggers and now the lady beside her has gotten preggers, the thing jumped me ( lai lai, Sykik be positive thinking for once...... how do you know it has jumped you..........Little Red Riding Hood neva come nau........) infact, my confession every day this month is that I'm preggers . I say this everyday. From my mouth to God's ears.
Now the lady beside me has started behaving funny. Am thinking she’s preggers too.  She's falling asleep at her desk in the mornings and rubbing her tummy. Where does this leave me in the equation?
God sure does have a funny sense of humour.
Maybe I will start to go and rub my belly with this woman wey dey my side own oh.......... abi what do you guys think?


  1. lol@ getting a roaster.

    keep the positive thinking cap onn sister.

    keep rubbing your tummy in faith. GOD has done it already, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME...amen

  2. Lol...

    I pray God will answer speedily, do get a medical check-up as well on you and your spouse.

    1. Morayo, we have been through all that . Its unexplained infertility. We are the stage of *waiting on God*. Thanks for your advice.

  3. I wish you the best. It will happen soon. Maybe we'll need a blogger roster soon :)

  4. hehehehe please keep running that stomach o.. God has heard your prayers baby dey come! keep us posted.. and keep praying, dont loose faith.

    in my office too hmmm... infact i have concluded it is the water we drink in this office *jokes*

  5. Infact, in the past two months in my own small unit we have had six births. As in....... every week the guys just stroll in and announce that there wives delivered. Now the babes are all pushing bellies. God be praised.

    Is there something else that makes people preggers i dont know...........even the guys are catching the bug......

    it is well.

  6. It is certainly well my sister.. but it will be well for you too. I won't stop saying that.:)

  7. ok babes this is my take... i cant compressed how you are feeling.

    But this I know, you will have babies not just a baby and they will grow up to be amazing to your amazement and of the world. The babies will have names too.

    My advice if not done already pls start calling their names and keep praying for them. Imagine they are on holls with your favourite person GOD, so keep on keeping on. None shall be barren in the land. All that God has said concerning will manifest and we will rejoice with you. But keep busy in the Lord.

    JESUS blessings, favour and miracle will not pass you by, instead it will be in double portion. I will say be encouraged, stay in his love, walk and act his love, be very very generous with your love, affection, time, energy, finances etc Yes esp with children.

    Even encourage their prayers. When we were young, Mum would say we should pray for her, and we would. JESUS loves children and said come to me little ones...

    Mum waited and prayed for children like you, and we came. She made a vow to God that when HE blesses her with children she would always take care of them. SHE HAS DONE A WONDERFUL JOB with us. I will say the same to you, have a covenant with GOD, he is a covenant keeping God, do your part and he will do is.

    Most importantly love others like your own,it says alot. Mum did that and still does.

    I have faith you will, trust me am not talking gibberish, your body will retain seed, you feel the pregnancies, you will hear the voices of children in your home and your testimony will always overflow..xx

    xxxx sorry for the epistle...

    1. Thanks so much for the candid advice. I know my season is here. God definitely uses people like you to give have blessed me .

      It wasn't an have only allowed yourself to be a vessel in God's hand to reach to my situation. God bless you.

      Thank you for stopping by.....


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