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December 06, 2012


*grabs microphone* and curtsies, *bends knees while bowing her head*
I thank her royal highness, the only “colleague mi atata” on blogville  Mstizzle for the honour  bestowed on me.  I am very "grate", I will give you the "full" when I collect my prize.

Auntie Tizzle, your assignment is not a easy something oh.    Now to answer your questions

1.       The pen is mightier than the sword” in your own words 
Words are like eggs, once spoken or written can’t be taken back. Our choice of words can either make or mar a nation, relationship, faith, people e.t.c.  In short Words can make or mar any “NOUN” you can think of… Everyone should be mindful when, how and what we write at any point in time. 

2.      Write a 3-line poem/prose/anything on the topic “Blogging Frees Me”
Inhibited, I lashed out
A voice was all I wanted
Oh, liberation I found

3.     What year would you gladly re-live given the chance and why?
My best years are yet to come so I won’t be able to choose which past years I want to re-live. 

4.     Mums or much older sisters? Which of them do you think influence your decisions more? Why? (No excuses, improvise)
I will have to say my mum because I don’t have any sisters.
My mum wanted another female child so badly that when she was pregnant with her last baby, she believed God for a female child, but I told her she was stuck with me as her only girl. She gave birth to a boy and started looking at me with one kain eye.

5.     Choose between Peter Piper Picked a Peck of… and This is The Key of the Kingdom, In that Kingdom there is a city, in that city… Complete either of the two. No cheating!! By that I mean no one including uncle Google is to be consulted.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickle pepper
A peck of pickle pepper peter piper picked
 If peter piper picked a peck of pickle pepper
Where is the peck of pickle pepper Peter Piper picked?
Aunty Mstizzle, bring your ears, let me whisper something to you ’I didn’t cheat, infact, I didn’t consult any oracle sef. The Holy Spirit ministered to me during my prayer, he told me that I am the winner of your  prize'.

On a final note,  I can’t tell if the following bloggers have less than 200 followers but please, my darlings, my sweetie sugar cupcakes,  Alotedbabe  , Eya, Hannahs Haven, Omotee and Priscys world  can you help a girl out by doing the honours of answering the following questions
*drums rolling* the questions are
1.       When was the last time a guy hit on you?
2.       Who is your favourite blogger and why? ( Any answer different from my name is not allowed)
3.       What does the term “life and living” mean to you?
4.       What’s your most prized possession?
5.       How do you unwind?
The rules are as follows:
a)      Thank and link back to the giver.
b)      Answer the giver’s questions.
c)       Nominate five other blogs with fewer than 200 followers.
d)      Ask five questions for one’s nominees to answer.
e)       Post it on your blog.

Shebi, you can see my questions are not difficult.
In the spirit of solidarity, I ask that in the comment section below, everyone should help me tell Aunty Tizzle to give me the prize whether my answer is creative or not after all I have “carried” first in answering her questions.
Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.
curtsies,   * blowing kisses to my imaginary  fans*


  1. First off, thanks much dahling for nominating moi, very sweet of you...
    come o, mstizzle's questions na proper exams questions no be small ha! im pass acca sef, *clears throat* you sure say you never consult for that no 5? I dey suspects you oo, hehehe ( oyah confess to only me you hear? I promise I won't tell...)

    Will get to answering my own questions soon. thanks once again...kissess

    1. Did someone just say acca? Gosh! I knew I should have added accounting questions...

    2. *pulling ears* take your time oh.

    3. @Priscy darling mua, lemme confess,
      *using baby voice* was when I was singing the poem that one primary school boy now come and tell me that he knows it, so he come and sing the poem for me, so I come and write the answer for Anuty Tizzle.
      Shebi, you see that I didn't cheat. I was jejely on my own oh when God brought the school boy my way.

      Please, don't tell anybody oh.

  2. Ok Tizzle, can you pleeeeese give sykik the prize. Thanks for being a cheerful giver. See ya very soon.

    1. Eya, God bless you. Can you imagine @Tizzle setting JAMB questions for moi? Infact maybe I should have consulted you, so I would have used french to answer her questions.


  3. LOL!!! Can't stop laughing! You don't know it's those people that used to rush to submit their papers first that used to come last! Hahahahaaa. Oya sorry, don't mind me. I am PROUD of you. Let's give the rest till next Saturday. If they don't respond by then you will win by default. I love your poem by the way. Love it!

    Thank you for being such a good sport.


    1. woman, even if they respond, I must carry first, you hear.

  4. Congrats on your award, and thanks for making me laugh as I read your answers. MsTizzle, oya do the needful. And I can't wait to see those you picked tackle your questions :)

    1. Dear, I am interested in their answers too.

  5. are a clown!
    oh my goodness!...i love your opening paragraph and your answers!.......*stilllaughing*

    Have a lovely weekend :D

    1. I'm glad I made your weekend start on a good note.

  6. Anytime you say the word, I will ask you to compere at a function. You are too funny o. I like the way you write. Congrats on your award, Tizzle has no option but to give it to you. Lol.

    1. Yes, yes, yes *dancing azonto* now I have a job incase I resign my 7-7 slavery of a job.

      @Aunty Tizzle, come and see what your assignment has landed me.

  7. You honestly tried for Tizzle's questions oh. They're truly like exam questions lol

    Oops.. Why did you pick me na? I usually shy away from questions like these lol. At least yours' are not exam questions : )

    1. Can you imagine @Tizzle threatening me with ACCA questions. lol... she wants to open my "nyansh".

      Why won't I pick you nau, didn't you see the way I toasted you . :)

    2. Hey Sykik, question for you. Pls how do I link a blogger so that it shows only their name which can be clicked on rather than having to type out their web address? Thanks.

    3. I have sent a mail to our gmail. Hope it helps.

  8. You are creative! Your 3-line poem is very nice and on point.Only gurl huh? Hmmmmm

    1. yea, am the only girl. I was and still am daddy's girl.

  9. @I am very "grate", I will give you the "full" when I collect my prize. heheheheheh Ya just a Case Madam Sykik.. Aswear down!

    Aha! eez not a Joking things oh! these Questions Tough gan oh! Me I kuku trust myself.. na only GOOGLE for gimme answer toh Sure **Cleans Tension sweat.. ehheen??! So your mum looked at you with one Kain Eye after your Prophesy of Destiny :).. heheheh I can Imagine. Blessings!

    1. My darling, I didn't want competition at all. I "yam" the only "gurl"

    2. lmao! She said i "yam" hehehe and i thought i was the funny one..lmao.


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