December 31, 2013


I couldn’t have done it without you in my world
When I felt all alone, as though I couldn’t go on
You encouraged me all the way
Your enveloped me with hugs
You urged me on, told me giving up wasn’t an option
Your words were so encouraging
You made 2013 memorable
You read every single word
You laughed, smiled, cried and reflected with me
Most importantly you were always here
All I ask is that you remain a part of my world
Raise your glass, as we toast to 2014

With all my love,


  1. May 2014 bring you triumphant testimonies and wonderful memories for you and those closest to you.

    1. I wish you all your "bestest" dreams in 2014 coming true....everyday in the year 2014 will be a testimony.

      Thank you sweetheart.

  2. This post is dedicated to everyone who reads my blog. Thank you for a memorable 2013.

    I love you all

  3. Happy new year Sykik. God's blessing will never depart from you. *kisses*

  4. Okay Sykik, I have gone through a couple of your posts yeah, and a lot of the comments. I for Comment oh, but I chose to jejely not Chuuuk mouth inside womens matter, so i jejely respected my 23 year old sef and kept reading. **winks.

    I like the way you are able to connect with a lot of your readers and followers, its remarkable, cause reading through their comments, I sensed a form of Trust that you have in them, and they in You. Thats AWESOME, i wanna be like you when I grow up, **smiles. Its fun here, a lot to read, and learn from, plus its Funny as mad. Cheers Bubba. xx

    1. aaawwww, thank you dear. Welcome to my "yard".
      Bear hugs


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