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October 09, 2013


It seems like some people know my salary day more than me, the employer?

There are some monthly “Sykik, I just said I should greet you” persons who call me same day of every month, which coincides with my pay day, my people shouldn’t I be worried..... this set of people for every single month of this year has continually called me on my payday to “greet me” ...I am so certain they know my payday because this kain coincidence don pass vision....
I am grateful to God for provision, but my people when does giving becomes the case of “handshake going beyond the elbow”? At what point does giving become dangerous, especially when the receiver is not handicapped, has a means of livelihood, is married but has turned me to “”monthly-monthly diaphrim” this not turning to a case of indulging the person to live beyond their means.........

This my office central Air conditioner (AC) can kill somebody oh

The office  is not just cold but chilled (January to December, 24/7)....people get to work and start draping themselves in winter jacket because management has refused to allow the building temperature to be controlled , we are told the chilly temperature is because of the office systems- PCs, servers e.t.c........but wait for this.....most ogas offices are warm as they have sealed off the AC vents above their they don’t mind us catching pneumonia because of their computer.........God punish devil

I have been away from my "yard” for some weeks now, I have been settling my matter with Papa God. I got mad with the devil..........I was like........ “what the heck”, abeg, which part of my body did the devil create, abi which cell did he donate to Papa God for my creation, that he is playing “police and thief” with me......the devil has nothing on me.......immediately I got this understanding, I went on my knees, thanked Papa God for the revelation and told the devil to pack his fear, doubt, worries and “jangbajantis” from my vicinity. I told the devil to his face, that he’s a big fat looser and shut the door on him. Henceforth, I only have business with God....I choose to believe what God says about me and mine.

Hubby has started reading my blog, so lemme give a shout out to the one and only MAN on planet earth who holds my “mumu button”, the one and only who makes my heart do a zillion flips, the one and only who loves me and all my “baggage”, the one and only who finds me sexy even when I rock “shuku ologede hairstyle”, my one and only crown, I can go on and on but let me just say
 Sweetness, my knight in shining armour,
I love you more than words can ever express,
My heart beats only for you
I love you today and always.

Ps:  please, help me thank Joie oh, she dedicated a whole blog post to me......I am flabbergasted.......hehehehe.......I sabi speak big big English


  1. Yay! Hi Mr. Sykik. The only pelzon rocking Mrs Sykik's world :D

    So, these your monthly callers, shebi they only call na. Not like they ask for they?

    In other news, how did you come about this your name sef?

    1. Ha, Aunty Toin, the greeting is not for free ends with I have not eaten all day or shebi you have my account's you get the flow now...

      Wetin do my name?..I am Nigerian, I must answer question with question......

  2. Sykik oh! you are just too wondercious....
    We shall soon be rejoicing with you and your crown dear.
    Thank you Joie and you also will be given Beauty for Ashes soon

    1. my head is swelling, only me...wondercious ke.......Amen to your prayers, my darling....infact start the rejoicing abeg....

  3. Lol @ the monthly callers. I doubt there's much you can do.

    Welcome Mr Sykik!!

    1. Mama Ibeji, howdy......there's really nothing i can do except refuse to pick calls ....I no get that kain liver.....

  4. Replies
    1. @ilola, na only "hello" you go talk...issokay sha, lol....shebi you know you are my hair "roles model" *in jenifa's voice*

  5. Awwww! Hello Mr Sykik, the only heartbeat of Mrs Sykik! :-D.. I like the PDA.. More anointing Sykik.
    lol @monthly callers.. Some people sha! Maybe it was not revealed to them by flesh and blood haha
    AMEN to your prayers! I trust our Baba God, He is more than able.. I dance in advance sis xxxx

    1. Hello babes, it definitely isn't fresh and blood that reveals to them keep dancing. Baba God don do me American wonder....

    2. Muhahahaha.... It can't be flesh and blood

  6. Sykik, you want your oga at the top to start blushing like oyibo pepper ni? (My head couldn't stop swelling for him)

    I gbadun the strategy of all those monthly callers, more blessings for the AC palava, blessed is the man that does it with wisdom (translation: ibukun ni fun omo odo to fi ogbon se)

    I no fit shout o.

    Keep dancing biuriful Sis cos it's your season.
    Signed, sealed and delivered!

  7. hugs you really tight right now....
    Do u know ure one of the reasons coming to blogger makes me warm inside and partly makes me feel i need to do blog round and check my ppl o
    You're an amazing wonder and ur funny too but honest, your hubby is a lucky man.
    God has done it already. all you need to do is look beyond what u see now, and dance in his presence like David did.
    Love u much...
    hehe @pneumonia and punish devil...i can imagine...chai!! not fair at all oo
    @coincidence greeting, u ds woman..LMAO...if na me too, i go don they suspect so i dnt blame una jare..
    I like ur spirit about telling devil to pack his load. He that is you, is greater than he that is in the world!! Halleluyah

  8. Abeg use scope and tell the person to get something to do na: work/business. This one that she don turn you to employer by force.

    Hi Mr. Sykik. God bless you both

  9. lol @ mumu button. you "haff" killed me oh! As for the monthly callers, I have just 2 words for y'all. Haba... Habatically! Mr Sykik, >>> Hello and God bless you.

  10. Awwwwww too cute!!! I want a hubby!!! Please remember me in your prayers. A sensible one please not one that will annoy me because as I am like this I'm not even sure whether or not I'm ready for one but he should come sha let's see how it goes.

    As for monthly callers, chai, I confess I used to be one. Greeting my extended family members every end of the month. I was an expert of "I just said I should greet you" messages. LOL!! Thank God for progress and for His blessings. I receive the blessings of Abraham and Isaac in Jesus name. Amen. Please reeve your own too. Amen.

    Sorry for being away for so long. It is well with you in Jesus name.


  11. Hey, shout out to your hubby. God bless him for supporting your dreams. Welcome, man of God- way to go, lol.

    As for those monthly callers, I feel you on beggars who have all it takes to make their own livelihood and also assist others. It's a different matter if they even try out something, then ask for help along the way, but not to try at all, yet budget with someone's own money, is a different kettle of fish totally. Methinks one has to draw a line at some point 'cos, it's always better to teach someone how to fish, than to continuously give them fish to eat all the time. It handicaps them for life.
    Papa God will definitely 'settle' you with an answer that brings peace. Stay blessed, sis.

  12. LOL @ suku ologede.. welcome sykik's hubby.. your wife is an amazing blog friend!

    Good on you and realising the devil has nothing on you. The dude can only try to put a film on our eyes to deceive us.. but with Jesus.. that film go tear by force!

    as for your AC.. na lie they are trying to stop you guys froms leeping at work :P

    Finally.. as for giving mehn.. me i would have stopped giving that person money for a while now o if i were you. maybe cut down the frequency.. if you want to give still.. i am sure there is other people there that would be very grateful for yoou giving it to them instead. Also... i try not to set a patternw ith giving so people dont expect it from me. if that makes sense.

    sending you cirtual hugs and God's blessings and peace!

  13. you will get testimony. keep believing. hugs



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